World Harmony’s vision is to build a harmonious and sustainable world. Its mission is to build New Systems for the greater good through the practice of principle-based collaboration and synchronistic living.

New Systems

Most NGO’s are like band-aids… they attempt to prevent or repair damage being done to the environment, animals and people… a very worthy cause.

But the problems they are trying to fix are primarily caused as a result of the systems we have in society. Number ONE culprit is the “money system”. So much violence, negativity, wars, conflict, crime, greed, famine, hardship is caused by lack of money. Resolve the system so there is no “lack” and these will soon disappear.

Likewise the Energy System is causing immense damage to the planet. People are now aware of this and attempts are being made to change that with clean energy but are being hampered by the Money System.

World Harmony is looking at creating NEW SYSTEMS that don’t result in these things happening. There is a huge difference between trying to “fix” the effects of the old system and creating new systems that don’t inherently create these problems in the first place?

The system we talk about is the Operating System from which society operates and functions. It is similar in principle to the operating system on your phone or computer. It determines the type of actions you can do. Unless the Operating System is changed what you can do will not change.  An Operating System can also be likened to a cake mould. The shape of the cake coming out of the mould will always be the same size and shape unless you change the mould.

To paraphrase Einstein; “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it in the first place!”

Buckminster Fuller said: “Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete!”

This is what we are attempting to do in World Harmony. How do we build a new model? This is what we are doing, slowly but surely – but need help.

How will this be achieved? By establishing a new harmonious, synchronistic life-style where “the whole-supports-the-one and the one-supports-the-whole”. This includes forming, testing and phasing-in a New Operating System that enables and supports a new life-style that is based on a set of common-sense principles. These principles are known as the GPS or Guiding Principles to Synchronicity.

World Harmony is designed for like-minded groups who want to make a positive difference in how we live, work and play. World Harmony is there to attract non-hierarchical, consciously aware people collaborating with win-win-win goals for humanity – You Win, I Win, the Planet Wins. These are humanitarian innovators, connectors and influencers who are  aware that our current operating system is becoming more and more dysfunctional and that a New Operating System needs to be established to replace the old one before it disintegrates. The individuals who support World Harmony are committed to facilitating this shift through four primary modes:

World Harmony Foundation

World Harmony Foundation was conceived in the early 1990’s, to assist a growing trend towards the networking of like-minded, like-hearted people. Today this trend is a movement of global convergence creating the ‘power of unity’ to bring ideas and innovations to life.

World Harmony Foundation is the legal entity through which World Harmony can interact with the current system. It is an unincorporated association based in Australia that interacts globally. This includes theMultiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe management and distribution of its resources i.e. donated funds, assets, property, equipment and other tangible materials. World Harmony Foundation’s primary purpose is to function as an interface between old paradigm activities and new paradigm activities many of which are discussed within this website. World Harmony Foundation is composed of individuals who choose to be of service and do so to the best of their ability with love and integrity. Their inspiration is to work for the greater good of humanity and the planet.

If you’d like to know more about World Harmony, please use the CONTACT form on the above Menu. If you’d like to get involved in building this New Civilization as described in this web site, please click HERE. We’d love to hear from you. Our first nature is to work together in a way that enhances awareness of our collective consciousness. As it grows, so too will the rest of the world.

Mutual Support System

World Harmony is currently bringing together the advanced components of these New Systems through a development process far different from the way humanity has operated before. Two game-changing distinctions are designed to facilitate the next phase of our evolution: a Mutual Support System designed to encourage self empowerment and GPS, i.e. Guiding Principles of Synchronicity. These will ensure healthy relationships and successful, fulfilling projects and a new way of life!

World Harmony Funding

World Harmony wants to develop a crowdfunding activity to enable it to function and provide support for others within the network that will help create a New Operating System.  Initially World Harmony Funding is to be used to support specific new technologies, products and ideas, provide services that are needed but not available elsewhere, as well as purchasing property for Harmony Learning Centers to help build the harmonious world.

Focal Shift Platform

Focal Shift

To support the hundreds of dedicated and tenacious social entrepreneurs around the world looking to expand their innovative ideas, World Harmony is helping to build Focal Shift. Currently under construction, Focal Shift is a self-organizing network, a collaboration interface and tool-suite designed to turn great ideas into crowd ventures.  Project managers or those looking to get involved in projects can come together to build community, manage tasks, organize media and crowd fund, all on one platform. Focal Shift makes it easy to bring people and projects together for positive impact.