Together We Can Change The World!

You’ve chosen a path to expand your consciousness, to live passionately and purposefully. You’d like to help build a better world for yourself, your children or grandchildren, but The-Ones-Who-Are-Crazy-Enough-300x262.-Bworking in isolation without resources, isn’t getting you (or humanity) where you want to go. With so many disparate parts such as people around the globe focused on humanitarian or New Conscious endeavors, how can we come together? How can we find other individuals living in integrity, following their passions, and building healthy and effective collaborations in order to create a more harmonious world? How do we find other like-minds and hearts? Through the New Paradigm Global Network or NPGN.


NPGN is made up of individuals, organizations and community groups known as “Partners” who recognize only through cooperation can we build a better world that lives in harmony with nature. The NPGN is designed to be a self-organizing global matrix of like-minded inter-dependent people that continually expands and develops in positive directions. The aim is to form a nucleus of  like-minded and like-hearted people and groups that will expand and grow exponentially and become a model for others to see and mimic.


In order to speed up this process each person and/or group will make a Public Declaration to operate from a set of fundamental values such as integrity, responsibility, openness, honesty, etc. and to be willing to be accountable for their actions.


The expansion occurs through a matrix of hubs designed to connect aware individuals and organizations together who share common ideas and interests. NPGN design is similar in structure to the Internet. It is made up of individuals, groups into hubs. These Hubs can function within a geographical location, ie. village, town or city or via the internet as virtual hubs. Hubs encourage innovation, fun and creativity while providing mutual support to Partners. As hubs expand, so too will consciousness, providing exponential progress towards healthy living on a healthy planet.


Partners in the NPGN understand the value of synchronicity by living their dreams and passions through love, trust and integrity with others. For some, living this way can be Teamworkchallenging. Many of us know we want to build a less divisive and unified world but sometimes we get tripped up on how to get there. Lack of honesty and transparency can create obstacles along the way for example.

To help guide our efforts, the NPGN has a simple set of guiding principles known as the Guiding Principles to Synchronicity or GPS for short. These principles are like a manual or recipe card we refer to when we need help in building our co-creations. Just like a new electronic device, we often don’t make time to read the manual, only choosing to do so when we find ourselves at an impasse. The GPS are designed to help us stay on course and assist in conscious collaborations with other partners when obstacles may impede our progress.

Along with honesty and transparency, the GPS also include responsibility, the win-win-win approach (you win, I win, we all win), discernment and non-judgement, which help in course correcting our paths when needed.

Sadly, these values are missing in many aspects of our present life and why businesses and relationships can fail. The Guiding Principles of Synchronicity are not an enforced set of rules. They are a key part of a prefered operating system NPGN partners have chosen to live by. As we transition to this New Paradigm of consciousness, the principles are the substructure or foundation we’re building upon, providing guidance and orientation in the creation of loving and caring collaborations with others of like-mind and heart!


You can become a partner in the New Paradigm Global Network whether you are participating in a network hub or not. Perhaps you’d like to start your own hub? Either way, you can discover and connect with other conscious collaborators, finding them by industry sector or by geographical location. This provides an opportunity to:

  • attract and matchmake with the right people and the right resources
  • build and promote your product or service using principle-based leadership
  • emphasize All-For-One, One-For-All with friends, colleagues, employees, providers and customers
  • build integrative relationships
  • solve problems or progress solutions within a specific industry or system
  • collaborate in community, harness and pool resources

Part of New Paradigm Global Network’s mission is to form a continuously growing group of new paradigmMultiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe people. When the number reaches critical mass the 100th Monkey phenomenon will occur at which time the network will become self-organizing and will no longer be managed by World Harmony. From this point on the network will take on a life of its own (just like the Internet did in the 1990’s) where people continue to focus on the positive evolution of humanity. We, the founders of World Harmony, trust these people will build a more integrative civilization of mutual support, based on love, trust and integrity, essential to the harmonious world we all desire.

Here’s how…



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