These are to be advanced learning centers for those who are already aware and practicing new paradigm principles such as the Guiding Principles to Synchronicity or GPS. The primary purpose of the centers is to not only share information, technology and methodology, but for participants to practice living synchronistically. One could view these centers like a pilot views a flight simulator when learning to fly. They allow one to learn and practice the skills for synchronistic living.

There is a formula to kick-start and maintain synchronistic living. This formula will be taught and practiced to a point where participants simply live synchronistically without even thinking about it. Utilizing the GPS, such as transparency and integrity, participants learn to make daily decisions by following their passion and excitement. Such authentic motivations prompt opportunities as a result of the expressed excitement. Participants learn how to create this repeating  pattern of excitement and opportunity, offering an authentic and rewarding way of living.

Practicing this lifestyle of synchronicity is the key. Remember the old saying, “practice makes perfect”? In other words, by practicing these principles you soon start living them automatically and naturally without having to think about how to do it all the time. It’s like when you drive a car, you’re not thinking, “now I need to accelerate, or turn the wheel, or brake. You just do it automatically. This gives you the freedom to focus on your surroundings and where you wish to go.



This synchronistic way of living is what we call the “hardware and software of learning.” The hardware, or science, is developing new technologies and methodologies such as free energy equipment and the Vision VTOL Turbocopter transport. The software, or spirit, is learning and practicing synchronicity that activates a natural process of creation reconnecting us with the universe. The effect is to live a more exciting and enjoyable life in harmony with others and the planet as a whole – AND more importantly, living our passion and dreams.


Harmony Learning Centers will look similar to this property:

learning_center NOTE: Harmony Learning Centers should not to be confused with “sustainable communities.” So-called sustainable communities invariably are NOT sustainable because they still need input from “outside.” Most, if not all, still use “old paradigm” tools such as fiat money or hierarchical structures to operate. The result is they typically suffer the same fate as our current system. Synchronistic living is the missing element for sustainable communities – teaching community members about the mechanics of synchronicity, why it works, how it works and how to practice living it.


Ideally, World Harmony Learning Centers will be approximately 80 hectares (200 acres) and located in harmonious environments. This will allow the organization to test new systems, new technologies and implement a consciousness development program in a miniature but practical form.

Once the first prototype learning center is constructed and functioning within the mission of World Harmony and the Guiding Principles, a few others will be established in different countries with different cultures to see if they still work or need to be adapted.



The next step will be to establish a much larger learning center on ~20,000 acres (8000 hectares). Here a network of villages will be built, each with about 150-200 community members, with villages interconnecting as and when they need to. The members tasked with implementing the mission and principles within their village will have already “graduated” from a Harmony Learning Center so they already are living this new synchronistic lifestyle. The goal is to interact in cooperative ways that synchronistically benefit all concerned. This large community will become a World Harmony Demonstration Center that will enable people to visit and live there for extended periods. The purpose is to see how people with no Harmony Learning experience just learn how to live synchronistically “by osmosis” – meaning that by being there and living within that community life-style they just merge with the group consciousness and pick it up like the proverbial “hundredth monkey” did.

NOTE: The role of World Harmony Foundation will be to provide the resources to enable these centers to operate as “simulators,” or community model, allowing participants to practice the skills for this experiment to take place. Once this first “prototype” is functioning properly one or more can be established in different cultures to see how they operate and if necessary, fine-tune them so that culture is not compromised.

Darryl Anka