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With a rapidly growing world population and many of our ecosystems challenged as a result, humanity is at an inflection point. Do we advocate special-interests of myopic, short-term thinking, or do we replicate the interconnectedness Nature demonstrates, choosing cooperative, sustainable thinking? Choice is the operative word.

Call it Hippie Generation 2.0 or whatever you like, I see humanity shifting from a “me” culture to a “we” culture.

From nearly 40 years of working in various team environments – primetime network news production, Hollywood filmmaking, national green building advocacy and grass-roots organizational management – never have I felt more resonance that the importance of our collective intelligence is finally being realized.

With this intelligence we can see more clearly the damage to the planet (and therefore it’s inhabitants) due to our present systems of dirty energy, toxic agriculture, and symptoms-based healthcare. As members of World Harmony,  we can assist the shift away from these antiquated systems to new systems offering clean energy, biological farming, holistic health and other sustainable systems. We have the power to do this through smart innovations, synchronistic living and principle-based collaboration, including a win/win/win model – “you win, I win, the planet wins.” Such a model demonstrates integration, a word kin to “integrity.”



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Having a career in highly collaborative environments, I’ve witnessed fine-tuned teams exercising this Win/Win/Win principle with success, while others, running needlessly amok without it.

So one of my roles in World Harmony is about developing new cooperative models that promote what I call Conscious Collaborations. These efforts focus less on hierarchy and more on team leadership. Migrating from a centralized unit to smaller teams or projects allows strategies of self-management and accountability to carry the mission. Trained in project management, I see this carrot rather than stick approach much more likely to attract and retain mindful talent as well as reach project goals.



Indeed, commerce today is migrating to project- or team-based models, not just because it means more nimble group dynamics, but because the self-management strategy creates the greater likelihood of a sustainable, successful mission integration. Like the collaborative microcosm of the human body, every cell has a purpose towards the greater good and only through cooperation is the mission successful. Otherwise, going rogue is cancerous to the quest.

(If you want to learn more about conscious collaborations, visit our developing governance model or look at the game-changing strategies of W. L. Gore or Morningstar Farms.)



Now if we taper our focus even further, from the team down to the individual within the team, more synergies are possible. How are we self-managing ourselves? What personal growths are possible, reflecting back from our group dynamics. This is where synchronicity – one of World Harmony’s operating principles – comes into play.

By owning our “stuff” – recognizing triggers, acting authentically  – we can then thrive rather than survive. Such personal accountability is contagious, expanding confidence not just within ourselves but within our team. From this ripple effect we begin to see the interconnectedness of all things, ignited through self-reflection. With this confidence and integration (acting in integrity), we can more easily follow our excitement and act on our passions, which is the meaning of synchronicity. More importantly, by living synchronistically, the Universe responds by presenting us with opportunities. Acting on those opportunities with synchronicity, means more opportunities. And so on and so on.

(If you’d like a further understanding of how synchronicity works, please see my blog post on this World Harmony principle.)



Using operating principles like Win/Win/Win and Synchronicity, we have an opportunity for real social change. By “innovating with conscience,” we can tap into the physical web of energy that connects everything in our world, and use it to freely power our homes and cars. We can create a health system focused not just on wellness but on age reversal. We can grow food safe for both humans and the planet. Indeed these innovations exist but struggle against the suppression of non-sustainable special interests.

Only through the shift from “me” to “we” can we create a new blueprint for living – a blueprint which nourishes nature and ourselves.

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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro




Obtaining a private pilot’s license was a dream come true. When I can’t fly, I dream of flying. It’s the ultimate expression of freedom…at least in this dimension. 
“Weeds” in your backyard can clean your liver (dandelion), heal a bee sting (plantain), or cure a headache (daisy). Nature has millennia of experience compared to pharmaceutical companies when designing remedies for good health. Course you can’t make a lot of money on weeds.
I’m an amateur but squishing clay together is AWESOME therapy.img_2020
I love all dogs but if you’ve been a guardian to a border, you know it’s a bond like no other.Sky and Maddie 4