jason-wells-2 Ever since a small child I couldn’t reconcile how the news on TV was so tragic but yet people seemed inherently good. This mixed with an inquiring mind sent me on a journey of discovery. I spent most of my adult life in inquiry, studying everything from religion to science. Little did I know I would find myself on the way! Having engaged in the practice of study and deep thinking inevitability lead to a philosophy of “reality”. Every question lead to this. “What is reality” believe me you can’t find any answers in the dictionary.

Who am I? Just an everyday person I guess, with an every day job in mechanical engineering and fabrication. Is it that who we are, our occupation? To cut to the chase, I’m following the “who am I” to discover “who I am”. I am my actions, thoughts and feelings all rolled into one.

Why? I’m here (World Harmony) to express who I am. By the simple fact of attaining knowledge it was hard not to see how ineffective, inefficient and down right inhumane the current status quo is.

Simply put, it’s not the best we can do and in saying that the question arises “is this the best I can do?” Well I could complain… I could inform others of the corruption, hell I could start a revolution if I did that! Does looking at the track record of these actions make a better world, hmm maybe not? Think I’ll start building a better place starting always with self. The battle outside is the battle within!

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