The following vision of tomorrow’s world is based on our understanding of ‘synchronicity‘ – how it comes into being and how it works when practiced. It is also based on current research, observation, insight and experience derived from many diverse sources. It includes knowledge of some of the most up-to-date and practical new technologies and methodologies that will permit us to transform the way in which we live in very beneficial ways, in a surprisingly short time.

 The Vision: The time period is our not-too-distant future.

The world we live in bears little resemblance to the world we knew in times before the 21st century. It is a joyful, exciting world where humanity is united and living in harmony with nature – not against it as we did in the past.

Agriculture-solutionsThe stresses of daily life no longer occur because of changes made in society’s belief systems that allow similarities and differences between people to be recognized, accepted and valued.

Religious dogma dissolved after humanity discovered they were all children of the one creative source and that everyone had a direct connection with the conscious of All-That-Is.

Everyone now acts on the things that excite them the most, with integrity, love and trust, i.e. the things that are closest to their hearts, the things that bring them joy and happiness. This generates the on-going process known as “synchronicity”.

Everyone recognizes their personal value and how they always “fit” because everyone is a valid and unique part of creation and that no one can take their place, and conversely, they can take no one else’s place. 

People have evolved to a place where they act through love and not fear. The consciousness has shifted into a loving state and as a result are mindful of others all the time. They live in a reality where judgement and comparison with others are have fallen by the wayside. Living in ‘the here and now’ is now the way of life where the need for meditation has almost become redundant.

There is no longer a need for money as everyone supports the society and the society supports them. Everyone is provided with what they need, when they need it, through the process of synchronicity.

Accordingly, the concept of “ownership” has been replaced with “sharing”. Everyone has the ‘divine right use’ of any and all resources according to their honest needs for as long as that need is present. When they no longer have that need they make the resource available for others who may now have that need… in perfect timing (another aspect of synchronicity).Friends Playing on the Beach

Everyone works together cooperatively because they want to and because they enjoy themselves in doing so and because cooperation is much more effective than competition. Neighbors know and assist each other synchronistically as an automatic way of life.

Crime, anti-social behavior and terrorism is a thing of the past. This came about because of the positive changes in personal and collective attitudes and, because of a mutual support system, no one “goes without” as there are no scarcities.

Everyone is free to travel to anywhere on the planet without restriction. Passports are no longer required nor are security checks because there is no longer any crime or danger.

Trading is accomplished in a whole different way, again, through synchronicity. People freely give what they produce to anyone who needs it either ‘directly’ or through ‘pooling’.  In turn everyone gets what they need when they need it.

A new quantum energy source is now in common use. Every appliance has its own built-in power supply – no more grid, wires or centralized power stations. The energy is free, inexhaustible, non-polluting, portable and accessible throughout the world.

AntiGravityA by-product of this energy is commonly known as “anti-gravity”, or more accurately, “gravity control”. Noiseless gravity control vehicles travel safely at super-high speeds over land and water. They are guided by on-board navigational systems that use this quantum energy as their fuel.

Petroleum oil and black coal are used for manufacturing raw materials to produce building and other materials all of which are fully recyclable. For example, a simulated “superwood” that was developed in the late 1990’s is in common use that looks and feels like natural timber but is superior. Additionally, we now grow a new non-food crop called Arigum that was developed from a desert weed. It produces a renewable source of chemical raw materials that were previously obtained from fossil resources such as oil and coal. Accordingly, we are in the final stages of phasing out the use of fossil resources all together.

All waste products are either recycled or used for other productive purposes that are themselves recyclable. Land and water are clean and pure – thanks to the microbiological, chemical exchange, and electromagnetic technologies that were pioneered in the 1990’s. Nuclear power is no longer used and all radioactive wastes have been neutralised or otherwise made safe by technologies that were developed for this purpose.

The non-limiting, resource-based support system allows people to live their lives the way they want to whilst being of service to others – without the “old tool” of money. As a new support system, the resources that people need automatically flow to them, when and where they are needed, just as nature has designed with the Strawberry Patch Model of Mutual Support.Abundance for the Poor

Food and wealth are evenly distributed throughout the planet. There are no more scarcities – there is enough for everyone. This has resulted from the new support system, automated manufacturing systems, abundance of clean energy, fast efficient transportation, and above all, society’s new attitude towards peace, goodwill and inter-cooperation.

The eco-system has become more park-like and many of the former desert areas are flourishing as they once did in our distant past.

With the advent of quantum energy, huge irrigation projects have been built utilizing desalinated seawater that allow food and vegetation to be grown in formerly non-productive areas. Farmland soils have been Biocharreplenished with concentrated humus made from brown coal, mineral rich volcanic rock dust, and compost from recycled waste. Chemical fertilizers are not used the way they once were. They have largely been replaced with applications of the volcanic rock dust mixed with soil microbes that convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates and break down organic matter into humus. A system of multiple cropping that mix various plants together so they protect each other from pests and diseases. This is known a symbiosis, i.e. a win-win-win relationship which is now the way society works in all activities of life. Furthermore, soil salinity is no longer a problem. It was resolved with a combination of technology, pure water irrigation, natural soil management and tree planting. Herbicides are no longer used since the high-speed mechanical removal of weeds was made possible with the development of a new guidance system that can remove weeds and not harm the crops.

Forests of the world have largely been re-planted and many species of native fauna and flora are re-established in their native habitats. Large plantation forests, including a specially selected variety of Paulownia trees, produce all the timber society needs while converting carbon dioxide much more efficiently into oxygen than did the trees of old. These plantations include companion plants that are symbiotic with the trees and support other life forms that are spreading in a natural balanced fashion.

Weather patterns have moderated and global warming has ceased because fossil and organic fuels are no longer used and vegetation levels have been brought into balance once again.

Population growth has slowed and has become decentralized. Many people have moved from city environments into areas that were formerly considered uninhabitable or too remote. This was made possible because of the high-speed travel and other technologies. Because of the climate moderation many desert areas are now green again.

What were formerly governing bodies are now exclusively serving bodies rather than ruling bodies of days gone by. The people have much more of a say on important issues and proposals via the means of “electronic voting” which has replaced the old ballot-paper system. However, this practice is also phasing out as society trusts the process of synchronicity where everything happening in perfect order and everything belongs where it belongs so voting will soon be no longer required.

New EducationEducation is primarily focused on developing the student’s natural abilities. Personal growth and well-being are priorities and support is given, when and where needed, to accomplish this. It was recognized that no “one way” is right – so alternatives and/or variations of ideas are always presented as options.

Artists are able to perform with the confidence that they are always supported in their chosen endeavors. Plentiful leisure time is available, making it possible for everyone to appreciate and/or participate in their favorite form of art or recreation.

Everyone has a state of personal health and fitness that could only be dreamed of in the past. This came about primarily from “‘electro-medicine” technology that enables the damaged DNA to be fully repaired as well as practices that focus on health creation rather than disease suppression.

The military has been transformed into Earth Repair and Rescue Units. The need for this service is becoming less and less and will eventually be phased out as so-called accidents are now very rare and the climate has moderated to the extent where floods, drought, storms, freezing hardly ever occur.

Above all else is the wonderful feeling one has living here and interacting with others and with nature. It is just so inspiring and energizing in a way that gives one confidence that they will be supported by everyone in being, and doing, whatever one wishes in every given moment.


The above is just one possible new world. Which one we create is up to us as we are the creators of our own reality, both personally and collectively! Which world do YOU chose?

*   *   *   *   *



By John Lennon

Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today


Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will be one


Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world


You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will live as one!