Charles Headshot

World Harmony Energy Assessment Team Consultant and

CEO,  Ambient Energy Pty Ltd


As an energy and technology development innovator, my vision is for a sustainable world, providing for autonomous and resilient communities. To accomplish this I have spent the past 20 years consulting to major corporations, rural communities, businesses and individuals, world-wide, on the cost-saving and environmental benefits of alternative energy. Utilizing closed loops systems for carbon, water and other resources and materials, we can save vast amounts of capital whilst minimizing our footprint as good stewards on the planet.



Specifically my experience has focused on:

  • Innovative Cost-effective Energy Solutions – Cutting company diesel fuel bills for the Marine Industry,  Long-Haul Transport Industry and Power Generators
  • Waste Recycling Techniques- Gasification / Steam Reforming Gas to liquid technology, Closed-loop recycling solutions
  • Energy and Resource Recovery – Waste heat to energy, Thermal super conductors, Low temperature power generation
  • Biological Lifecycle Systems – Aquaponics, Biomedical products, Gas fermentation systems
  • Emission Reduction Systems – Particulate Nox & Sox Reduction, Real time emission monitoring and reporting, Emission reduction management systems
  • Water Management Systems – Water remediation technology, Desalination, Hydroxy gas equipment and applications

The implementation of these strategies within communities and the business environment has enabled:

  • complete and safe water harvest, storage, and recycling
  • conversion of waste into virgin industrial resources
  • closure of material loops such as metals and resources
  • low to zero emission power generation and transport
  • human and eco-friendly built environment
  • sane-balanced efficacious and fun education
  • easy accessibility to unimpeded communication
  • self-sufficiency in food production, preparation and storage
  • healthy psychological and physical environment
  • freedom from artificial-debt-based-fiscal systems, and
  • general self sufficiency and community resilience

CERTIFICATIONS:  Associations and Training

  • Industry Advisory Board Member – Faculty of Bio-molecular and Physical Science and Griffith University, Queensland
  • Member, Solar Integration Alliance – Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Adjunct – Hydrogen Storage Project – University of Queensland
  • Co-founder – Start Innovation Centre for Sustainable Technologies and Systems, and Australian Alternative Automotive Alliance (4A)
  • One of the Founding Investors – Australian Small Scale Offerings Board
  • Professional Trainer Certification Levels I, II & III – Maxim International Training and Research
  • Graduate – East Sydney Tech National Art School and Geelong Grammar, Australia
  • Professional Coaching Certification – Maverick Enterprises, Australia
  • Communications and Advanced Forum Certification – Landmark Education, Australia (as utilised by NASA & Harvard Business School)
  • Co-Founder – St. Sophia’s College, Warwick, Queensland
  • AWARD: Queensland Small Business Corporation Award for a business plan on Steam Reforming Pesticide Waste for Melbourne Water from Queensland Enterprise Workshop