Some people balk at the 2012 Mayan prediction of what was erroneously portrayed as dooms day, more accurately called The Great Expansion. I believe it was the beginning of a cultural shift for humanity, moving from a “me” culture to a “we” culture.

Through nearly 40 years of working in various team environments, never have I felt more resonance that the power of our collective consciousness is finally being realized.

With this expanding awareness we can see more clearly the damage we have allowed towards ourselves and the planet – damage caused by accepting antiquated systems of health, energy and agriculture, for example. More importantly, we can see more clearly the power within ourselves to heal this damage by building new systems.

I’m a member of World Harmony because I want to help facilitate this cultural shift from old systems to new systems, offering clean energy, biological farming, holistic health and other sustainable systems. We have the power to do this by choosing to understand “me” is “we.” That by building sustainable systems we create a win/win/win model – “you win, I win, the planet wins.” Indeed nourishing nature and one another is a new blueprint for living.


 My role in World Harmony is about collaborating because being part of a team towards a positive shared goal has always motivated me. Whether it was my work in primetime network news production, Hollywood filmmaking or helping to build a national green building movement – I’ve always been fascinated with the fine tuning and inner workings of human connections in a cooperative environment.

Trained as a project manager, my goal is always a healthy cooperative system of people working together. Like the collaborative microcosm of the human body, where every cell has a purpose towards the greater good and only through cooperation is the mission successful. Otherwise, going rogue can be cancerous to the quest.

The touchstone of my participation in World Harmony Foundation is facilitating news ways of working together. By throwing away the antiquated model of command-and-control, instead putting emphasis on self responsibility, we can create decentralized, team-based models of decision-making. Promoting self responsibility allows individuals to work more passionately, which means more purposefully, which means healthier collaborations. These are the elements of a powerful collective consciousness that can affect real change in the world.


From our healthy collaborations, creativity is ignited. We can learn to tap into the physical web of energy that connects everything in our world, and use it to freely power our homes and cars. We can create a health system focused not just on wellness but on age reversal. Indeed these innovations, and many more, already exist but struggle against the suppression of non-sustainable special interests. With a view towards “we” rather than “me”, our ability to create sustainable and vibrant systems for humanity is so much more powerful.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro


Obtaining a private pilot’s license was a dream come true. When I can’t fly, I dream of flying. It’s the ultimate expression of freedom…at least in this dimension. 
“Weeds” in your backyard can clean your liver (dandelion), heal a bee sting (plantain), or cure a headache (daisy). Nature has millennia of experience compared to pharmaceutical companies when designing remedies for good health. Course you can’t make a lot of money on weeds.
I’m an amateur but squishing clay together is AWESOME therapy.img_2020
I love all dogs but if you’ve been a guardian to a border, you know it’s a bond like no other.Sky and Maddie 4