My name is Trevor Osborne. I live in Bunbury, Western Australia.

I was once asked what was my title in World Harmony. I didn’t have one so I searched for an answer from within and a title popped into my head that felt exactly right. It was Paradigm Architect so that’s what I now use.

I conceived World Harmony in the early 1990’s after four world trips. It started to evolve as a global network of like-minded, like-hearted people who wished to create a better world. For World Harmony to function it became obvious that it needed to interface with the existing system while creating a new one in parallel with the old one. To become this interface an “unincorporated association” was formed in 1995 that was non-profit and income tax exempt and was named World Harmony Foundation. This entity is set up with a Constitution, a bank account and PayPal accounts in two currencies.

My primary activity within World Harmony for approximately three decades was to formulate and make known the BLUEPRINT OF A NEW CIVILIZATION. A Tall order? Yes, it is. I don’t pretend I have all the answers but believe I have identified the fundamentals of what is needed to do this. These fundamentals involve developing a New Operating System and a set of Guiding Principles of Sychronicity (GPS) from which this new civilization can be established. These Guiding Principles are the key to building a more harmonious world. This new operating system is designed to support everyone to live their dreams and passions with love, trust, integrity and have a lot of  fun in the process. The current system is a template that creates the opposite (just look around). The Guiding Principles of Synchronicity are also there to help our recently established Technology Assessment Team (TAT) to determine the best projects to develop first. These technologies are seen as being the “hardware” of this new civilization. The “software” is a New Operating System that is made up of a number of other new systems. One of these is a New Transport System. The reason this is mentioned here is because a new form of transport has been designed by one of our TAT participants, Mike Waters. It is known as the Vision VTOL has been chosen as the first project to be launched because its “time has come” and “the most likely to succeed”.

On a personal level I’ve always been passionate about advanced and beneficial technology and wanted to help bring them to the masses. I have experience with the innovation process having researched and developed a new alternator technology and successfully took it to market. I founded a company known as UniPower in 1982 and sold out in late 1989. The parent company was, and still is, Unipower International situated in my former home town of Perth. The technology was also licensed to a South African company. To this day both companies successfully market the technology around the world. I learned the hard way what was involved to successfully research, develop & market technologies. I learned not only what to do but equally important what NOT to do, i.e. the pitfalls that one encounters and how to avoid them. My know-how includes the funding, technical, and marketing aspects of business.

I plan to bring this expertise to World Harmony to give new technology the best chance of succeeding. I’m convinced it’s important to approach this endeavor in stages… i.e. creating and producing one successful project after another. This approach will breed confidence as well as credibility in who we are, what we are offering, and what we are doing. I’m also a great believer in under-promising, and over-delivering… so that will be my approach.

But technology is only a part of the whole system. If you are interested I suggest you explore the rest of this website as it is designed for everyone on this planet.

E. Trevor Osborne – Updated 17 September, 2016