Living Your Passion!


There’s a lot of talk these days about “resonance.” The dictionary defines resonance as:

“A frequency close to its own natural frequency.”

Resonance is felt when we are living our passion – doing the things that bring us joy. By choosing to act on what excites us, we align with the vibration of who we really are, our true natural frequency… and that feels great!Passion-And-Purpose

Perhaps you’ve felt this resonance when experiencing nature, or implementing a particular skill or talent you enjoy doing. Acting on your excitement attracts more synchronistic opportunities to continue that excitement.

If you resonate with the ideas, projects or technologies within this website we hope you’ll be motivated to get involved. There are numerous opportunities to help conceptualize, design, develop, organize, administer or promote the building of limitless systems to benefit humanity. If it excites you to collaborate with others living their passion, who are inspired by our Guiding Principles of Synchronicity (GPS)  please contact us. You will be joined by a non-hierarchical group of dedicated folks looking to play and co-create a more passionate, harmonious world.


The following individuals have graciously supported the mission of World Harmony through the giving of resources – time, money, ideas or gifts. We are eternally grateful.



JASON WELLS, Gold Coast, Australia

“Thanks for holding the vision with us!” – The World Harmony Administrative Team




Chris at PB Inlet w Dogs copy


CHRIS RODEN, South Florida, USA

“Helping to build this new blueprint wouldn’t be possible without your love and support.” – Holly Tucker