First and foremost remember:

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around!

Collectively we are diverse beings who are growing steadily and generating momentum on the outside by creating harmonious living spaces from the inside

Inner Harmony is dedicated to serving the well-being of humanity and especially like-minded and like-hearted people. Our research and work honors all cultures, races, creeds, spiritual and philosophical persuasions. We promote goodwill and cohesion across all communities as well as an awareness of a spirituality common to all humanity.

World Harmony’s Inner Harmony Team is dedicated to sharing with those who are looking to gain a higher level of self-empowerment, with the primary objective of enabling others to empower their respective friends and communities for the highest good of all. We endeavor to be living examples of that which we seek to impart to others.

Our new Earth is now bringing together people in harmony with each other, creating relationships that are more conscious and loving. We are discovering our true selves and this is being reflected outwardly in our lives in many ways. As the Earth moves into higher realms it is becoming more obvious our collective and individual consciousness is shifting to accommodate this. We are becoming more mindful of our thoughts and actions and how and what we are doing is impacting beneficially on others.

Raising our consciousness has never been more important than right now. Choosing positive, loving thoughts and projecting heart warming feelings is of primary importance. This includes looking at the people we may need to forgive and not forgetting to forgive ourselves. We can choose to let go of negativity, to let go of anger, judgement and resentment. Furthermore, new paradigm development incorporates feeling gratitude and keeping track of the things for which we can to be grateful.

Our choice of what we are thinking and feeling is being reflected in the world around us. It is being shown to us more and more by the state of the world and its chaotic and discordant ways that we require to be more mindful.

We look forward to sharing with you ways in which we can all prosper internally and we invite you to join us in sharing your views, challenges and ideas.

Seek not to change the world

But choose to change your mind about the world

What you see reflects your thinking

And your thinking but reflects

Your choice of what you want to see

 A Course in Miracles