IMPACT STATEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE: Imagine a wind turbine that produces 10 times more power with far less wind than conventional wind turbines. The Max Velocity or Max-V Turbine has the potential to revolutionize the wind AND hydro turbine industries.  With it, first and third world countries can enjoy greater power output, easy portability and installation, environmental benefits and lower manufacturing costs resulting in cheaper electricity!

IMPACT MARKETS: Residential, commercial and industrial uses globally.

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Currently, only the outer 30% of a typical wind turbine blade produces any meaningful torque and involves less than 5% of the total disk area. Aerodynamic efficiency is utilized but no attempt is made to divert or accelerate the air at all. In other words, the drag side of the equation is completely ignored.


World Harmony’s Technology Assessment Team member Mike Waters has designed a new type of wind and water turbine that shows promise beyond expectations (to learn more about Mike, see his video below and his bio HERE.) The proof-of-concept model below was found to operate in wind speeds below 1 mile per hour (1.6 kph) even when under load. This is unheard of with conventional wind generators as they typically only cut-in at around 8 mph. The implications of this factor alone warrants further research and development. With the Max-V Turbine technology, the design will allow smaller, lighter and cheaper turbines to be manufactured when compared with conventional wind generators of the same output.

Blade 4'It is anticipated that this new blade design will operate in winds eight times slower than the wind needed by other turbines! This means that the Max-V Turbine technology will produce more electricity and for more hours of the day. Turbine Drawing.-2

Currently the wind industry designs aerodynamic efficiency like an aircraft propeller. This results in long thin blades that utilize less than 3% of the available air flow effectively, when measuring the tip area versus total area. Most of the air passes through unaffected. Only the tip of the blade maximizes leverage. In the illustration to the right, all the flow impacts the back plate causing it to accelerate and divert through the turbine blades. These blades are mounted around the perimeter at both the maximum point of leverage and highest flow velocity. As a result all the flow is then utilized for the maximum energy conversion.Metal blade w Cone

In addition it should be stated that conventional turbines frequently kill birds by blade impact. With the Max-V Turbine design the birds will see it as a solid object and therefore fly around it, not attempt to fly through it as they do with conventional wind generators.

The Max-V Turbine design can also be used as a water turbine in rivers. Water is 780 times more dense that air, so it can produce far more electricity for the same size. Wind comes and goes, but rivers run 24/7 year-round.  Thus hydro power can be more reliable and more productive than wind.

So the Max-V Turbine technology design will:

  1. Utilize as many of the molecules as possible.
  2. Accelerate all flow prior to extraction of energy.
  3. Divert all flow to the maximum point of leverage.
  4. Place all of the blade area at both the maximum point of leverage and the highest flow velocity.


World Harmony’s goal is to develop the innovative Max-V Turbine technology, with the potential to:

  • sell non-exclusive licenses of the patented blade design to generator manufacturers, especially in the wind and water turbine industry
  • and/or partner to build a cost-effective generator of which there are numerous opportunities.


Preliminary third-party test figures have already confirmed the potential of this revolutionary Max-V Turbine design. Now it’s time for World Harmony to bring it to the One People by building a crowd funding campaign. Like all World Harmony energy projects in development, the Max-V Turbine technology meets important campaign criteria:

  • Bridging Technology

  • Easy to introduce to “the market”

  • Simple rather than complex

  • Short term, i.e. can be marketed sooner rather than later

  • Suitable for home and commercial use

  • Inexpensive to manufacture and affordable for users

  • Easily obtainable raw materials

  • Applicable in all climates

  • Non-threatening to “the establishment”

  • Broad Applications

  • Scalable

A crowdfunding campaign will help fulfill important goals in the development of this turbine technology including:

  • Optimizing the blade design (one possible refinement is shown below)
  • Performing further tests
  • Coupling the turbine to different types of generators and test
  • Building production prototypes
  • Comparing test results with conventional wind generators
  • Arranging more advanced third-party testing (e.g. university).

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This is your opportunity to make a difference. Please help us provide this technology to the world.

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 To learn more about Mike Waters, view his popular presentation at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference: