A New Era in Energy

What was once deemed by physicists as “nothing” is now “something.” Such is the discovery of the quantum energy field. Indeed, one of the most intriguing realizations about energy is it’s inverse relationship to size: the smaller the physical matter, the more energy available. For many, this idea is too counterintuitive to believe. Yet quantum physics confirms the Universe is teeming with energy and today, numerous inventors and researchers are attempting to tap this energy field as a means to provide humanity with free, abundant energy.

Thus, energy systems of today will gradually become obsolete as new energy technologies develop which are:

  • available everywhere
  • clean and healthy
  • non-polluting
  • inexhaustible
  • abundant
  • free

We see eventually every appliance will have its own built-in power supply – be it a wrist watch, computer, heater, cooler, refrigerator, vehicle, ship, aircraft or spacecraft. This will be as though every appliance is battery driven – a battery that never needs recharging. Imagine your fridge having no cord and it runs all the time without being plugged in. Same with your TV, vacuum cleaner, air-conditioner, printer, laptop, and even your car.

This energy technology will be “solid-state” meaning that it has no moving parts and it will be built-in at the time the appliance is manufactured. It will simply run when you turn it on and will stop when you turn it off.

This technology is being researched NOW but needs funding so that it can be developed. Problem is that it appears to be “impossible” to the current scientific world – but it is not impossible in the New Scalar Model of Physics (video  here) and has been tested in practice. There are also large vested interests resisting this information becoming public who want to continue promoting an energy economy of debt, lack and depletion.



The new energy economy is abundance-based and will bring opportunities to many because with energy, you have water, and with water, you have food. For example, it will be possible to desalinate unlimited quantities of seawater for agriculture, reforestation, industry, as well as for household use. New energy technologies will even allow us to extract clean water from the atmosphere in arid and desert locations. This inexpensive energy will also reduce manufacturing and transport costs dramatically which will have very beneficial effects for both producers and consumers. In short, the impact of new energy technologies will be huge and life-changing for everyone on the planet… not to mention allowing us to clean up air and water pollution!



World Harmony has assembled an Technology Assessment Team – a group of experienced inventors and developers, seasoned in the New Energy field – who are assessing viable new energy technologies to positively impact humanity. With the guiding principle to create WIN-WIN-WIN solutions (you win, I win, planet wins), a few select technologies that fulfill the Technology Assessment Team’s Criteria, are being chosen for crowdfunding campaigns. These campaigns will offer individuals around the world the opportunity to participate directly in bringing these advanced technologies to market. Crowdfunding these technologies will provide not just an expansion of our science and technology but also an expansion of humanity, i.e. raising our consciousness to new heights through a grassroots, collaborative effort.