The following video represents a model of a new system that World Harmony is aiming to accomplish in the not-too-distant future. We recognize this system will work far better when sufficient people are living synchronistically, i.e. after “critical mass” has been reached (the 100th Monkey phenomenon has occurred).

The mutual support system does not require money, a medium of exchange, or barter to function. These were all limiting methods that kept people from reaching their potential. Instead, there will be a mutual support system established where the whole supports the one, and the one supports the whole. It will be a resource-based system that mimics nature. The Maori of New Zealand call this system the Kumara Vine Model. We call it the Strawberry Patch Model. 


In this natural system the nourishment simply flows to where it is most needed and any surplus flows back into the patch. Likewise, our new support system will provide individuals and groups with what they need, when they need it, and how they need it in order to grow and thrive by living their passion. In turn, each individual or group will provide society with what it produces, i.e. goods and/or services.

This model depicts part of a natural innate “synchronistic system”. It is the positive side of how the universe works where everything fits effortlessly. The other side is the negative synchronistic system that colloquially we call “Murphy’s Law” – where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Well, guess what? We are now embarking on the other side of the coin that we now call “Paddy’s Law” – where everything that can go right will go right. Too good to b e true? No, because this is the way the universe works when we let it. However because of our old habits we recommend using a simple formula to help you re-learn and practice living this way. More about this in the Guiding Principles of Synchronicity (GPS).