Old Systems Being Replaced by New Systems

IMPACT STATEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE: World Harmony was conceived in the early 1990’s, to assist a growing trend towards the networking of like-minded, like-hearted people. Today this trend is a movement of global convergence creating the ‘power of unity’ to bring ideas and innovations to life.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead

This unity begins with the understanding that our present systems of energy, agriculture, construction, education and others, have become divisive, dis-empowering and dominant and no longer serve us. This unity is having the clarity to know we must design and build new systems that will eventually replace the old ones. These New Systems will support empowerment, free will, fun, pleasure, cooperation, equality without limitations, and function in harmony with Nature and All-That-Is.

A New Operating System

Planet Earth is in the midst of a major global transformation and has been for quite some time. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see that our current system is falling apart. Everywhere one looks there are seemingly insurmountable problems of major proportions. There are thousands if not millions that are trying to fix what is, in reality, an unfixable system. So, what is the answer? As Buckmister Fuller said so many years ago:

“Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete!”- Buckminster Fuller”

And in a recent video Bruce Lipton  said:

“…rather than fighting the old system, it is much more effective to step outside and start creating a new system!” – Bruce Lipton, September 2013

From a higher perspective everything is in perfect order. The system that we have been using for thousands of years has served its purpose, i.e. it allowed us all to explore and experience the illusion of BEing limited (human) beings. That exploration has now reached its expiration date. It is now time to start rediscovering who and what we really are from the perspective of who and what we are not, i.e. rediscovering that we are, in essence, all knowing, all powerful creator beings. This next stage is the “fun part” of the journey, and it is about to start very soon, so hold on to your hat!

To explain what has been happening and what is about to happen we will use the following analogy. Imagine our world is represented as a double-sided jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle pieces of the top picture represent limiting systems of our old society we’ve been living within for thousands of years, such as polluting energy systems, poisonous agriculture systems, indoctrination education systems, expensive communication systems, etc.

Whole PuzzleUnderneath that puzzle and out of sight is another picture the polar opposite of the one on top. This picture represents an unlimited, new system of operation that encourages and supports everyone to live their dreams in an exciting, healthy, fulfilling and happy world.

Now here is the magical part of this story. If you remove a puzzle piece and turned it over you would see part of the new picture on each piece. Each inverted piece represents one of the new non-limiting systems. For the energy piece, it would be free energy. For the agriculture piece, sustainable healthy agriculture. For the health piece, regenerative healing…and so on.

Interestingly, when you try to place these inverted pieces back into the old puzzle, they no longer fit. So what to do? The answer is SIMPLE. Place these inverted pieces onto a new table and start assembling the new puzzle along side the old puzzle… same pieces with a whole new picture – a new outcome.

Just like assembling the new jigsaw, World Harmony is there to provide a blueprint to assemble a parallel New Operating System that is composed of ALL the individual systems. This endeavor includes introducing advanced new technologies and evolved ideas that are designed specifically to propagate a non-limiting civilization.

Unlike the old system of divisiveness, dis-empowerment, domination, pain and suffering, the new system supports the opposite, i.e. empowerment, unity, free will, pleasure, cooperation, equality and enjoyment!

This New Operating System is designed to work hand-in-hand with a set of “Guiding Principles of Synchronicity (GPS)”. This is like the ‘software’ of the new system that enables the creation of a parallel New Civilization that will eventually make the old systems obsolete as it absorbs it in way that is natural and comfortable!

The beauty of this approach is that no one has to try to “change or fight” the old system. The new operating system is simply assembled from the resources of the old system and when ready, we can adopt the new system in our own good time, for the benefit of all!