From Little Acorns Giant Oak Trees Grow…

Oak tree

World Harmony is an association of individuals like you and me desiring to make a positive difference in how we live, work and play. It’s designed to create a non-hierarchal structure of  consciously aware people collaborating with win-win-win goals for humanity, i.e. “you win, I win, the planet wins.” Indeed, as World Harmony supporters, we all have a huge task ahead of us in creating A Blueprint of a New Civilization! One may ask, “How in heaven’s name can such a task be accomplished?” The answer is basically simple and comes from an old proverb, “From little Acorns Giant Oak Trees Grow.” In the case of World Harmony, it starts from a small but solid foundation and is provided with what it needs to grow and mature.

For an oak tree to grow it needs resources in the form of soil, nutrients, water, air, etc. For World Harmony to grow and mature it also needs resources, but in the form of people,  equipment, land, buildings, expertise, transport, materials, etc., and of course money.

Traditionally this would be done by seeking investors. But investors want ownership, control and profits – something that is not part of this new civilization model (World Harmony is for EVERYONE not just the few). Fortunately, there are two new methods to achieve this growth; both of which can be done at the same time. One is to crowd source what World Harmony needs to succeed. The other is to crowd fund specific beneficial projects that World Harmony would like to support.


Since January, 2014, a growing team of World Harmony volunteers have been working on specific goals as a “solid foundation” for growth:

  • developing a set of new business paradigm principles from which to operate – known as the Guiding Principles of Synchronicity or GPS. This ensures what we do is sustainable, healthy and effective.
  • establishing qualified assessment teams to research and evaluate a plethora of advanced technologies and methodologies for consideration as One People Projects
  • developing the self-organizing New Paradigm Global Network of partners – consisting of individuals, organizations and corporations that desire to live, work and play with other network partners based on the GPS.

You can find details of these efforts throughout this website. But in short, to do any and all of these things World Harmony needs the resources to achieve them. Resources, meaning whatever materials are required to successfully accomplish a project. These resources can be in the form of money, tools, equipment, computers, buildings, machines, software, raw materials, land, vehicles, expertise, know-how, people and even bequeathing property to World Harmony. Inviting people to donate one or more of these is what is called crowd sourcing as distinct from crowd funding for specific projects!

So, the aim  is to provide the means by which World Harmony can effectively function and grow and fulfill its mission. This includes supporting our World Harmony team of volunteers, providing resources we need to be really effective. We are committed to building the infrastructure for a conscious humanity of limitless, non-divisive systems, but if we have to go elsewhere to make a living, the whole mission stops. Indeed to continue our passionate work we must leverage each donated dollar or gift to the fullest.


Crowd funding on the other hand is about funding specific projects through crowd funding companies like Kickstartwin-win-win-cubeer and/or Indiegogo. Prior to launching any crowd funding campaign, each project will be carefully evaluated by an assessment team as to its effectiveness, viability and ability to enhance the lives of everyone as well as the environment. No project will be developed unless it satisfies this Win-Win-Win principle to the maximum possible – this principle being one of the Guiding Principle of Synchronicity (GPS), through which World Harmony operates.

In the process it is important that we don’t “spread our resources too thin.” In other words, it’s better to be successful with one project than be partially successful with two or more. It is therefore our policy to build “success upon success.” Below are details of how we envision implementing the intentions of World Harmony supporters.


This support – both crowd sourcing and crowd funding – is known as World Harmony Action Funding and could (hopefully) become the largest crowd sourcing/funding initiative in history. The intent is to gather resources over the next few years to support many initiatives beginning with the following:

  • One or two Clean Energy Projects that will help reduce the cost of energy and reduce pollution. Consideration will be given to “bridging technologies” that are non-threatening to the existing energy system, providing significant efficiencies and reductions in emissions to current technologies. More exotic technologies will be evaluated and accessed, with proof-of-concept that require funding.
  • Agriculture practices that “work with Nature”, not dominate it as is the current approach, including a device being developed for water savings, reduced operational costs, larger yields and greater benefits to the environment. Another is a mechanical weeder that can remove weeds at high speed removing the need for herbicides – huge benefits flow on from this technology.
  • Healing modality projects will follow. These will be part of a new health system that is based on “health creation” not disease eradication as is the current approach. An assessment process will first take place as there are literally thousands of worthwhile methods that could be funded. However, some are so advanced that developing them may make many others obsolete and unnecessary.
  • Another crucial project is establishing Harmony Learning Centers. These centers are to be multi-faceted. In particular they will be properties where awakened people will spend time PRACTICING how to “live synchronistically.” This is probably the most vital of all the projects because consciousness always leads experience, not the other way round. The raising of consciousness is what allows the changes to occur. This is what Albert Einstein was getting at with his famous quote: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it!”

More details…


1. To fund the small group of administrators and project managers to ensure the success of the entire World Harmony initiative (if they have to leave to “make a living” elsewhere nothing will get done and the whole process will come to a halt).

2. Work with what we call “Aware Media” that will promote World Harmony Action Funding within their programs and, in turn, World Harmony will support them in various ways. This part of the program, along with social media, is vital.

3. Build web support of regional HUBS as part of the New Paradigm Global Network (NPN). Here is the potential for the greatest expansion of consciousness where like-minds and hearts proliferate the Principles and the Mission of World Harmony and One People Projects through community collaboration.

4. Provide funds through Crowdfunding Platforms for one or two World Harmony projects. This is already happening through the following process:

A) One (or perhaps two) suitable new energy technologies selected by the Energy Assessment Team, i.e. a small group of individuals now assembled, who have spent many years investigating and evaluating new energy technologies.

B) This Energy Assessment Team has established Criteria for choosing the best new energy technology. The technology will be developed and field tested to ensure they work properly under variable circumstances.

C) The tested technology will then be made available to the market that best fits the technology.

NOTE: It is intended that the technology will be made available to supporters at discounted prices.

D) Once success is proven then the technology will be made available widely throughout the world to ensure it is effectively used in as many countries and provinces as possible.

NOTE: It is also anticipated that any funds from sales or licensing income flow back to World Harmony.

Through cross-promotion, the Aware Media will update their audiences on progress of the projects within World Harmony Action Funding, encouraging more support to be made as an ongoing activity.  This could be “open-sourcing” and/or through non-exclusive licensing.


1. When sufficient resources have come in to initiate the above, the process can be repeated for new projects. Such projects may be other energy technology or a new project, such as within agriculture or the health arena.

2. Initially the focus will be mainly on projects that have the best chance of succeeding and a potential of flowing income from donations/licensing fees back to World Harmony.

3. SUCCESS is the key throughout the whole process. We plan to build success upon success, upon success. This will provide the media and the NPGN with tangible evidence to promote World Harmony Action Funding. It will also give World Harmony credibility and build confidence throughout.

4. The above steps can be repeated as an ongoing process indefinitely but eventually the time will come for World Harmony to start really expanding. It is anticipated that once World Harmony Action Funding is seen as credible and effective in building limitless New Systems philanthropic donors will appear and be delighted to donate to a cause that is designed not to “feed a man a fish for a day” but to provide the people with a new and tangible way to help themselves indefinitely. This is where Phase III comes in.


At this point we can begin to focus on many other worthy projects. These will include new health practices/technologies, education, communities, Harmony learning/demonstration centers, etc.

As administrators of the World Harmony Action Funding this outline is our best assessment of what can be achieved, recognizing this is a collaborative effort so will depend on the support received.

With the support of donors, media NPGN Partners and project participants, success will only be possible by applying the Guiding Principles of Synchronicity (GPS), qualities such as integrity, transparency and win-win-win: i.e. “I win, you win, we all win.” We invite you to review these principles as they are fundamental to creating the harmonious world we all want.

Remember, World Harmony is for EVERYONE!

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