An overview of projects…

With consciousness as our guide, World Harmony is collaborating within a new model of mutual support, to develop projects in clean energy, natural biological farming practices, innovative transportation and communication technologies along with new health creation and education methods. (To better understand this new model, go here.)

To bring light to these projects, World Harmony and it’s members are planning Action Funding, including a crowd source campaign designed to support multi-phase projects funded by humanity, to benefit humanity. This plan includes the research and assessing of advanced technologies and methodologies that meet established criteria including a philosophy of WIN/WIN/WIN. Given the plethora of advanced projects to be considered, the process of evaluating  inventors, project creators and managers as to their resonance with the Guiding Principles of Synchronicity is critical.  Once assessed and valid, these projects will be presented in respective crowd funding campaigns.

Here are the projects members of World Harmony are developing:

Imagine a wind turbine blade design that when compared with conventional wind turbines produces 10 times more power, working at lower wind speeds, capable of being built smaller with significantly lower cost. This is Max Velocity Turbine technology, or Max-V, a blade design developed to revolutionize the wind AND hydro turbine industry. As an open source design, Max V Turbine technology changes the energy equation. LEARN MORE
Imagine being able to fly anywhere in comfort – quickly and safely, right from your home. Imagine having the freedom of mobility to visit friends or relatives without time constraints or the need for multiple modes of transport to get there. Imagine being able to fly in a fully-autonomous aircraft that safely controls the flight allowing you to daydream, snack or catch up on the latest news. This is the future of transportation. This is the Vision VTOL.  LEARN MORE
Dolocrete is a viable alternative to concrete  that has many benefits. It is lighter, stronger, non-porous, environmentally benign, cheaper, and fire-proof to name a few. Suitable in all climate types, the material can be used to replace concrete for residential, commercial, industrial purposes and infrastructural uses such as roads, bridges, etc. and has various other applications. LEARN MORE

Precision implement guidance enables farming methods that support and encourage the natural growth of food crops. This drastically reduces costs associated with “conventional” farming and provides a superior product.

In addition to greater water efficiency, the elimination of pesticides, reduced fertilizer usage and lower energy inputs are derived from precision guidance. These are the reasons implement guidance is at the forefront of precision agricultural research.

The World Harmony Foundation is passionate about supporting sustainable farming practices. Please stay tuned for more information on the AEGIS system!

What if, by balancing the chemical structure and nurturing microbial activity in our soil, symptoms such as weeds, disease and insects diminish?

What if, at the same time our yields steadily increase and our inputs optimise to consistently produce high quality, longer shelf-life products that look and taste better?

World Harmony is working to promote biological farming and the development of biologically focused fertility programs where the best of conventional and organic methods are integrated in a logical, best practice regime.

Stay tuned for more!

Why would Tesla, one of the world’s greatest inventors, be so fond of the Valvular Conduit he invented? Tesla notes that when running water through the conduit, it begins to pulse, then at a certain frequency it resonates indefinitely without any power applied. What happens when we apply 21st century 3D solid modelling and state-of-the-art computer simulation to advance this simple 19th century idea? Expect to get one of the world’s simplest energy generators. Help us revive one of Tesla’s greatest inventions. Help eliminate the need for fossil fuels and provide abundant energy to everyone.

More information on this project is coming soon.

More information on this project is coming soon.