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Synchronicity is one of the most profound concepts human beings can experience. It has implications in our view of science – the world around us – as well as spirit – the world inside of us.



A simple example of synchronicity is when you run into a friend, having just fondly thought of them, or when a certain job you’ve envisioned for yourself suddenly manifests in a career opportunity.

These events are synchronistic because you perceive them as being meaningful coincidences rather than simply a “visible” cause.

To sense synchronicity, our perceptions become heightened as we begin to notice the fabric of our reality is somehow affected by a timeless and spaceless dimension. We become aware these two dimensions are communicating with each other in a fascinating dance of unity. With excitement and awe, we sense these dimensions are seamless and inseparable. We begin to KNOW all events, all relationships, all interactions, all perspectives are part of the same experience. We begin to move from rational thought to one of intuition.



An analogy of this experience can be gleaned using a car radio dial. Imagine you are tuned into one radio frequency which represents your life. You are aware of many other frequencies or lives, but because your frequency is so clear, it seems like the only life. The separations between these other lives are the frequencies. Each of us has access to all frequencies that exists but because our existence is physical, we perceive one “reality.” However, there will always be bleed-through of other existences.



When we begin to see every single thing we experience as the same one thing from a different point of view (a different frequency), we can better understand the oneness of our lives, despite the illusion we are all separate. This joyful and captivating connecting of the dots gives us the clarity and consciousness to find harmony in ourselves and others. When we’re willing to see the world as a fascinating and wondrous orchestra of events, a vast playground of opportunities opens up before us.  And this is where the magic of synchronicity continues. By using our excitement and passion as a guide for which opportunities we choose – meaning the opportunities that resonate with our soul – the Universe responds in perpetuating MORE synchronicities and more opportunities.



Using our excitement or joy as a guide we are thus acting in alignment with Who We Really Are. Our excitement is simply vibratory energy that represents the path we chose to take. Acting on our excitement is acting in integrity, meaning viewing ourself and the world around us, as one and the same. Following our excitement will always support more of the same. Indeed it is the most effortless creation we can do. This is the feedback loop of excitement in which living synchronistically offers. 


Author Paul Levy describes synchronicity as co-creation:

“Synchronicity’s inherent revelatory nature is ultimately offering us the realization that we are playing an active, participatory and hence, co-creative role in the unfoldment of the universe.  Because it is rich in the nutrient of meaning, a synchronistic event affects and deepens our state of awareness and perception, which is another way of saying that synchronicities are expressions of consciousness itself.”


Living synchronistically means we are the creator of our reality and we begin to guide it in the direction we wish to go by simply following our excitement, our passion.

When we’re in this flow everything glides quite effortlessly and joyfully. The secret to starting and continuing synchronicity is to do the things that we prefer and do them with love, trust and integrity. This is how we build a more harmonious world.


Click below to listen to Bashar’s perspective how synchronicity works:

Darryl Anka


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